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Finally blog migrated

After using Wordpress on my own server for 4 years I decided it is time to move to the cloud. I have other plans for my server. At that time I liked the fact that I could upload and share papers and my code without any restrictions but today online storage is freely available and easy to configure. I can change everything about Blogger including templates to a level that it looks like it is not on Blogger. I am now trying to finish the forwarding settings for my domain on Godaddy. It does not work as “advertised” :) Need to figure out what to change exactly. So far I did the following for migration:
  1. Exported content from all my other Blogspot blogs and imported them into my main blog.
  2. Exported my Wordpress blog content than converted the xml file into blogger import format and imported that into my main blog.
  3. Searched and found a new template.
  4. Customized the new template, added some gadgets.
  5. Found a javascript tool that converts some format of latex into nice equations. It works perfectly and I think it will work perfectly for what I want to do: $$ \pi=\sqrt{sample} $$


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