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Where was I

Well I am in Oklahoma....on a project :) Finally managed to fix the pictures. There was a problem with the webserver configurations. Updates killed the server configuration. Fixed now though. Will try to post something substantial this week. Especially on my MultiScale data thresholding research. I have a working code, just need to make some changes to get nicer results.

Fun With Prime Numbers

Fun With Prime Numbers

Many interesting algorithms to calculate prime numbers. Very exciiting....


I added some more articles and information to Technology and Mathematics
categories. My research on Multiscale Data Thresholding is coming along.
I will start putting some intermediate results soon.

Some info I find interesting

I like simple, basic mathematics. I like theories which can be explained with simple tools. I believe that good ideas should be able to be presented in simple ways. If something can only be described in such a way that a few experts can understand it then it means there is still some work needed in that area to convert it to a simpler form. I am planning to talk about things like Prime Numbers, Encryption, Number Theory, Linear Algebra and Differential Equations and methods to solve these problems using numerical techniques. I hope some of these will turn into lecture notes at some point.

Some of the interesting books I read or am reading currently on math and engineering:

The Code Book by Simon Singh If you are interested in the history of encryption and codes this is a great book. Many interesting ideas about how to attack certain type of combinatorial problems without killing yourself with raw complexity.

Prime Obsession The story of Prime Numbers and the famous Riemann Hypothesis (Short description by Wolfram Research) There is also a proof which is not validated yet (Proof of Riemann Hypothesis)

Initial Link Collection

I am mostly interested in Process Control, Model Predictive Control, Adaptive Control and Nonlinear Control. I am planning to put here classic links and basic theory. Some Matlab files and relevant book infos.

Some links:

Statistical Process Control from NASA

What is PID (simple and short)?

Other Interesting Tuning Algorithms

Interactive online education site from McMaster

More on PID

Mathematical Methods in Stock Analysis

This is a collection of articles on various mathematical methods used in stock analysis:
This list is going to grow as I find more information. Please add more using the comments.

Chaos and Control

Chaos, control and controlling chaos are all very interesting topics. This article in NewScientist gives a great example of the use if chaos in control. They designed a robot to be controlled by chaotic functions. It is just a simulation but I believe it is a great start. There is a big gap between computer scientist who develop the algorithms and the people who apply them on real robots or systems. Genetic Algorithms sound very nice on paper, so does simulated annealing, but who wants to wait 5 hours before a single step is calculated. A great read...