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Planning to upgrade my Phone

Android Phones That I am interested in...
I am planning to change my phone/provider after November.

Horrible Drivers

Everybody has bad days in traffic. Lately I started having more than one bad day a week. Just today in the morning I was getting killed by an idiot who was either texting or searching for something, or putting a CD into the CD player or eating/drinking something while drinking. He was driving right in front of me. I saw the guys head disappearing a couple times and he moved between the lanes while doing that. Lucky him there was no one in the other lane. Then again he was doing something other than driving and suddenly the traffic slowed but since he was not looking he had to react drastically when he again had a chance to look in front of him. He hit the breaks, the tires locked and he swirled like crazy, turning almost 90 degrees and then miraculously was able to gain control... he was almost hitting me since I was unlucky at that moment being in the next lane.

This happening more and more. Phone in one hand coffee in the other.. who or what is holding the driving wheel? Worst is the people turning and talking on the phone. They cannot signal since they hold the phone with their left hand, the right being their driving wheel hand, then they cannot turn quickly since can only use one hand and to top it off they do not pay attention to the traffic since they are doing too many things at the same time. If you honk they get angry and start telling their friend on the phone about this rude guy having a road rage...well some of us want to go home in one piece. People who want to talk on the phone while driving should be in one lane... let them kill each other. I think it is time to require hand free sets for every new car. Even that is bad but at least people can use half of their brains and both of their hands.

Feasibility of BioFuels

Okay everybody is talking about Biofuels. All big companies are investing in biofuels. Some do it to look nice and use it as a PR stunt (most oil companies), knowing that the current attempts will not even make a dent in their market share or profits, some others do it because it might be profitable in the short term locally, but globally I need to see proof of its feasibility.