Orhan Karsligil's Ideas, Thoughts and Collection of Resources

Cool Techno Tips

This page will include links to cool techno tips. Comments will capture the links and the related short descriptions.

Tutorial Links

This is placeholder page for the important tutorial like sites and links for mostly Bioinformatics type sites

Least Square Analysis by dropping data points

More details will follow but the general idea is to drop data points in a random (Monte Carlo) way to detect outliers and robustness of the estimation. Instead of random drops one can compartmentelize data using tree structure to identify local mean and variation changes.

Coming Along

Plans for the site

Well for a long time I was planning the create a site where I could do the following:

  • Keep my ideas

  • Work on some projects

  • Collect opinions, ideas

  • Keep my important links

  • Keep my library or at least a link to a system that keeps my libaray

  • Have a site that would function as a research diary for each
    individual ideas, since I tend to loose the scratch papers I scribble
    them on

Now I will first start typing my ideas and ongoing work here for future use on papers. They will be password protected most of time and I will share the password with people I collaborate.. Lets see how it goes.