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Asked at Lunch

Today when I was eating my Sashimi at Shogun one of the regulars who I talk to about history and Turkish language asked me about a Turkish movie he watched recently (Kurtulus Savasi).
He said in the movie any time the general ordered something the soldiers were saying “Bas Ustune” and the badly translated subtitles were saying “With Pleasure”. I explained him that it is a phrase used in military and also in the common daily language but it sounds like “Bagas Ustune” and was not sure if the “Bas” meant really head or not. Then I checked and indeed it means head. I could not find the etymological roots but will look into it again. Another example of that most people use phrases without knowing what it exactly means (Bahs Ustune?, Bagas Ustune, Bagis Ustune, Bas Ustune???). It is also funny that that I learn more about Turkish and history by talking to foreigners than talking to other Turks, maybe because when Turks talk they repeat the indoctrinated teachings and there is nothing to learn…


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