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Structured Blogging

When I started blogging I wanted to be organized. I wanted to keep the information I find from different sources in a well thought manner. Well... that does not happen easily. There are too many categories things belong to, too many "one-to-many", "many-to-many" relationships. It also does not help that one day you type longer and make a good description and the other day you get lazy and only put a link, which does not make any sense 2 weeks later.
So I started looking around for a framework that would force me to be more structured. Ultimately I am planning to use this blog to keep a diary of my research. And when you do research you think of many different subjects all floating around without any solid ties to anything, but you have some idea how they might relate to other things. Writing down a sentence does not capture that soft relationship. One needs to be forced to write down all the details, so that it can be used later.
Finally 2 days ago I found something that might work: Structured Blogging plugin for Wordpress. From now on I am planning to move onto the templates for structured blogging plugin. They provide a template and force you to fill in required information. When you edit, the underlying data is well structured. The diary format turns into a database format, that can be maintained. Dividing the usefull information into bins helps a lot. When displayed it looks like a single coherent post but in the background it is a collection of sub data structures.
I will try to use it as much as possible in the future. I will post an update how things go.

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