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Multidimensional signatures in antimicrobial peptides


Author: Nannette Y. Yount, Michael R. Yeaman

Year: 2005

Category: Bioinformatics Peptides Antimicrobial

Publisher: PNAS

DOI: 10.1073

My short notes

3D motif discovery for antimicrobial peptides: multidimensional signature model. This is a unifying structural theme. Has evolutionary roots, predicts not yet existing peptides and identified known peptides to have antimicrobial properties.

Common peptide properties (i) small proteins (<10kDa), (ii) cationic charges (+2/+7 at pH7), (iii) amphipathic (hydrophobic and hydrophilic facets).

Select a set of peptides from a known set, also include known peptides with yet unknown antimicrobial property but structural similarities.

Prepare a protocal to test the antimicrobial effects (assay for antimicrobial activity).

My ideas

  • Embedding Antimicrobial Peptides on the surfaces.

  • Coctail of peptides to check if their interaction with the organisms are based on different processes

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