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Software I want II:

Over the weekend I was talking to a friend of mine and he was talking about websites where people ask for songs and song writers provide them. Basically an online music exchange. Musicians provide songs instead of goods or services and producers or singers search and buy songs...

So this gave me an idea: Do it yourself music engine...

In movies they have these artists in police stations who sketch the picture of the suspect based on the description of the observers.


There is now software police uses that does this in an computer environment. People select types of facial features and the computer merges them and then morphs the picture until the observer is satisfied. Much faster and you do not need an artist :)


There is already research in what people like in terms of melodies, rhythms etc. There are definitely winning combinations.

= Create a software where the user describes what type of music they want and the computer generates it and morphs it until the user is satisfied. User should be able to sample songs they want. Or select styles from popular songs (there should be a fingerprinting algorithm to uniquely identify a song and other algorithms that drive the work in progress towards that fingerprint (like minimization in optimization) so that they sound similarly but not the same).


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